Transform your Business From Survival to Growth

Hawaii employers are all evolving their business in some way to thrive and sustainably grow in 2021 and beyond. Some are shifting and optimizing a bit. Others are using this moment to purposefully transform their business - to turn their new realities into opportunities that can fuel their growth model for many years to come.

In this talk, we will share the key principles any organization can use to transform for Growth, and feature a detailed case study of HOW the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (PHAM) is successfully working through the difficult execution:

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Elissa Lines

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

Ben Godsey

ProService Hawaii

Moderated by Steve Petranik

Hawaii Business Magazine

Topics Covered:

  • How has the business landscape changed?
  • How leaders can make changes to their workforce and operations to execute new strategies.
  • How leaders can position their companies for growth this coming year.