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Tired of Googling Your Way through HR Issues?

It's time for more HR support for your business.

If you're up late searching for HR and workplace advice online, it's a sign you need more HR support. You have options: hire more staff, or hire an HR service provider. Which one is right for your business? You can ask Google, or find out in this upcoming webinar.

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Why Consider HR Outsourcing...

You will learn:

  • The 4 classic triggers that drive companies to look for a new solution for HR
  • The pros and cons of increasing headcount vs. outsourcing support
  • Common myths about HR service providers — and what the truth actually is
  • The many ways you can benefit from expert HR support (especially in Hawaii)

Our Experts


Kris Keahoialo, Business Advisor, ProService Hawaii


Jordan Wong, Client Success Manager, ProService Hawaii

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Since 1994, ProService Hawaii has helped employers hire, manage, and grow their teams with bundled solutions for payroll, benefits, HR administration, compliance, and advice. Serving over 2,500 clients, ProService Hawaii has five offices on four islands and is committed to making it easier to be a Hawaii employer. ProService Hawaii is repeatedly recognized as one of Hawaii’s Top 250 Employers and Best Places to Work. To learn more, visit www.proservice.com or call us at (808) 427-4032 for a free 15-minute HR consultation.