Prepare for Open Enrollment Success!

With open enrollment season just around the corner, the groundwork for a smooth execution starts now. Say goodbye to last-minute stress and equip your organization with our detailed Open Enrollment Checklist.

  • Boost Efficiency: Tackle tasks with precision, minimizing errors and oversights.
  • Organize Data: Gather employee information with finesse and ensure your records are on point.
  • Review Policies: Fine-tune your benefits policies for maximum relevance and impact.
  • Ensure Compliance: Navigate regulations confidently and reduce potential risks.
  • Build Trust: Show your team you've got their backs with a seamless enrollment experience.

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“By partnering with ProService Hawaii we are able to substantially lower our overall health care costs and provide twice the amount of health care options for our staff. My only regret has been realizing that I should have made the change to ProService years ago.”

Rob Lane, CEO, Arc of Maui County