The Art of Leading Teams Wherever  Work Gets Done:

Learn how to maximize employee retention and performance wherever your people work. Our panelists are pursuing different work policies in Hawaii: in-person, hybrid, and fully remote. Find out why, and how they are making it work for the businesses and staff. 

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What we cover:

  • Work policies along the hybrid spectrum
  • Managing employee performance and productivity
  • Fueling cross-department collaboration
  • Facilitating teamwork and employee engagement
  • + more!

Our Experts:

Christine Denton
Christine Denton, Vice President of Administration & General Counsel, Chaminade University | 100% in-person
Guy Cheney
Guy Cheney, Senior Engagement Manager, Akamai Technologies | 100% remote
Michelle Kirk
Michelle Kirk, Vice President of Client Experience, ProService Hawaii | Hybrid work
Steve Seto
Moderated by Steve SetoVice President of Marketing, ProService Hawaii