In-Person? Hybrid? Remote?

The Art of Leading Teams Wherever  Work Gets Done

Watch ProService and three business leaders to learn how to maximize employee retention and performance wherever your people work. Our panelists are pursuing different work policies in Hawaii: in-person, hybrid, and fully remote. Find out why, and how they are making it work for the business and their staff. 

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Watch the on-demand webinar for insights on:

  • Work policies along the hybrid spectrum
  • Managing employee performance and productivity
  • Fueling cross-department collaboration
  • Facilitating teamwork and employee engagement
  • + more!

Our Experts:

Christine Denton
Christine Denton, Vice President of Administration & General Counsel, Chaminade University | 100% in-person
Guy Cheney
Guy Cheney, Senior Engagement Manager, Akamai Technologies | 100% remote
Michelle Kirk
Michelle Kirk, Vice President of Client Experience, ProService Hawaii | Hybrid work
Steve Seto
Moderated by Steve SetoVice President of Marketing, ProService Hawaii