2024 Growth Compliance Guides:

Essential Laws to Know As Your Hawaii Business Grows

Use the guide to learn what laws kick in as your company grows in size.

What Changes As You Hire More Employees?

As you add staff, you may be subject to a new set of federal and Hawaii laws. Learn about laws that apply at specific milestones, and more. 

  • 1+ Employee: Employer healthcare, worker's comp, health & safety, Whistleblower's Protection Act 
  • 11+ Employees: OSHA record keeping and HIOSH Comprehensive Health & Safety Program
  • 20+ Employees: COBRA, Medicare, and Age Discrimination
  • 50+ Employees: FMLA, Affirmative Action, Pay Transparency
  • 100+ Employees: EEO-1 Reporting, Hawaii Family Leave


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- Brendon Lau, Production Manager, Fred Lau Hawaiian Landscape Company

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